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Cuddled in the magnificence of mountains, Manali is a spot that enamors each voyager. The spot is a beautiful area for honeymooners and experience searchers. Activities in Manali offers a total occasion understanding and you'll basically begin to look all starry eyed at the supernatural and mysterious vibe of the spot.

trekking in manali


  • Get your photos clicked with either rabbits or yaks (near the Hidimba Temple). It will cost about ₹10-20 ($0.5) for a single photo.

  • One can also enjoy paddle boating in a fun park near the Hidimba temple.

  • River rafting, skiing, zorbing, trekking, snow scootering, and river crossing. One of the best adventure companies in the High Himalayan Adventure, based in Vashisht village.


Paragliding is very famous in Manali, particularly in the pinnacle season. The scene is situated at Solang Valley. There are different levels, beginning from the fundamental 1-minute flying for ₹450 (the most widely recognized), advancing to a progressively fun 5-minute trip for ₹1500. In any case, a definitive is the 30 minutes trip for ₹2500, for which they take you up practically most of the way to Rohtang, and take you back to Solang right by paragliding.

In the event that you are energized at the smallest notice of experience and continue paying special mind to exercises to attempt then paragliding in Manali is for you. Situated in the Kullu locale of the northern province of Himachal Pradesh, Manali offers a stunning perspective on the snow-clad piles of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar scopes of the Himalayas. Backwoods with tall pine and eucalyptus trees, spouting streams, and glades with rich-hued blossoms welcome an explorer on arriving at the unassuming community of Manali.

paragliding in manali

Best Places For Paragliding In Manali

  • Solang Valley

  • Fatru

  • Bijli Mahadev

  • Kangra Valley

  • Marhi


Solang valley offers you a total taste of this experience action. An insignificant 15km from Manali, Solang valley is supported by most vacationers who wish to give their hands a shot paragliding in Manali. The glorious view and rich greenery add to the appeal, making it ideal for paragliding in Manali. Take off up in the sky with the assistance of experienced teachers who will control you through the action, just as its do's and don'ts.

Duration - 20 minutes


The area gives a standout amongst other paragliding in Manali encounters to anticipate. Considering the conditions win right, this spot is favored by people who appreciate a more extended flight time. Fatru is a not too bad choice for individuals who are increasingly experienced and have had a go at paragliding a couple of times previously, for shorter lengths. The fantastic view from the sky is as bewitching as can get and makes the experience worth your time and energy. The experience gives such an incredible adrenaline surge, causing you to feel high on self-achievement.

Duration - 30 minutes


Known as one of the acclaimed trekking spots in Manali and this spot is extraordinary for the paragliding which is favored by the experts. This spot is situated in the superb Kullu valley which is encircled by the Parvati Range with It's sprouting hues, and this spot is acclaimed for the heavenly Bijli Mahadev sanctuary at the separation of roughly 62 km. At the point when you paraglide over this region, you will get an incredible perspective on nature with the brief look at this famous sanctuary. What's more, this is the fundamental explanation most guests come here for the paragliding.

Duration - 20 - 30 minutes


Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh is a magnificent area for para-coasting. It is the most well-known spot in the nation, Paraglider in Kangra Valley where a worldwide occasion happens every year, pulling in para-skimming lovers from everywhere throughout the world. The Dhauladhar extend, 20,000 ft above ocean level and the Kangra valley beneath make a perfect area for high elevation and cross-country skimming. This area is extraordinary in light of the fact that when you take off from the top, the fall is around 1 km. A normal flight which, when you take off, keeps going an elating 25-30 minutes.


Marhi is somewhere else close Manali to appreciate paragliding and considered as another great spot to have an alternate encounter on snow-secured slopes.

Duration - 20 minutes


Because of its lovely landscape and rocky territory, Manali is a shelter for experience sports. One of the games that are developing in prominence is rock climbing. It doesn't require any understanding to start Manali rock climbing. Actually, you can take a stone moving in the Manali trip that will confirm you before its finishes.

Best Timing For Rock Climbing In Manali

In case you're going on a Rock Climbing in Manali trip, you should plan to go during the long periods of mid-April as far as possible of June, or from mid-September as far as possible of October. This is the point at which the climate is good. The stones may get somewhat warm in summer, yet the breezes keep you cool.

Things To Carry For Rock Climbing In Manali

All you have a decent pair of shoes and an administrator whom you can trust for a decent Manali rock climbing meeting. When you're securely lashed into your bridle, it takes some training to figure out how to adjust your body weight and focus of gravity. From that point onward, you're set to take on the stone face! To carry a ground-breaking sunscreen cream or spray to take care of yourself.



Deo Tibba Base Trek is a wonderful trek that takes you through the lavish green oak and deodar forested path, going through undulating glades and fields of the Gaddi shepherds to the base camp of Tenta, where one experiences amazing vistas of Mt. Deo Tibba with its hanging ice sheets rising directly in front of you. The Deo Tibba Base Trek offers awesome perspectives that will perpetually leave an imprint in the brains of all nature sweethearts and trekkers.


Friendship Peak, a breathtaking mountain remaining at a rise of 5289m, is a piece of the Pir Panjal run, in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. Confronting a few different pinnacles like Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, Indrasan, and Deo Tibba, the highest point of this pinnacle offers stupendous all-encompassing perspectives on the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges with the Beas Kund bowl upgrading the magnificence of the scene. Ascending Friendship doesn't require any earlier preparation and involvement with mountaineering despite the fact that the move to the culmination is very steep on ice and day off likewise requires utilization of crampons and ropes at specific focuses. Great wellness level and some trekking experience are basic to have the option to join this trip.

Friendship Peak is made uniquely for experienced trekkers who need to test their cutoff points. The difficulties looked in the trek ought not to be thought little of. You should endeavor this trek just If you have just done a trek that moves to 4700-5000 meters. It is prescribed not to pick this trek in the event that you can't get acclimatized at high heights. Other than you have to have solid physical perseverance to finish this trek.


Hampta pass trek is considered the easiest demanding and helpful of all treks in Himachal Pradesh. It probably won't be the most adrenalin surge giving or the most looked for after trek, yet certainly, it is a trek that will leave you in wonderment of this delightful spot. The variety in the path is gigantic; grand scenes, open green fields and glades, icy valleys, simple access and an uncommon, bold, and hair raising intersection of the pass makes this trekking undertaking to Hampta pass an energizing one.

Trek Duration

4 to 5 Days

Best time for Hampta Pass Trek

May to June and August to October
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