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Updated: Jun 11

Adventure Honeymoon Destination In India

Manali is one of the various picked holidaymaker destinations in Himachal Pradesh.during this state there are many popular hill areas out of which Manali is that the very well-known also as largely sought to get to and vacationer resort area not just for Indians, except for people from other countries too. These particular hill areas are blessed numerous great things about the character, gorgeous hills, huge upland highs, great waterfalls, also as sports, berry-laden areas and blossoming gardens, etc.the particular pure great thing about Manali makes tourist return to Manali from everywhere the planet. the bulk of the Himalayan mountains covering the Manali are Hanuman Tibba, 7 cousin maximum, Companionship peak, Patalsu peak, Ladakh top, and Manali peak.

Manali provides an uncommon treat to your eye as each shot of its natural beauty offers an excellent picture. Miles from these busy roads related to town existence here's a chance for you to walk with the narrow alleys within thick forests, exotic flowers, and gurgling channels. Manali is additionally a crucial transcending stage for interesting trek paths to places like Rohtang Pass, Lahaul, and Spiti and circuit way to Leh.


Solang Valley has situated a ways off of around 13 kilometers from Manali. The valley is situated between the Beas Kund and Solang town. This valley in Manali offers the best perspective on the snow-topped mountains and the staggering icy masses.

It is a perfect spot for skiing and pulls in sightseers from over the world
Solang Valley transforms into a flat out of heaven in winter. This is the best time to appreciate skiing here

There is no particular time that you'll be prescribed to visit the valley. It looks beautiful consistently. You should be certain why you need to visit the delightful Solang Valley and that should assist you with settling on an opportunity to visit. Seemingly flawless that the valley is consistent, there are various spots to visit here.

Best Time to Visit


The temperature at Solang Valley is perfect in the late spring months. On the off chance that you need to entertain yourself with some winter sports like skiing, at that point the best time to visit Solang Valley is in December and January. For para-coasting lovers, the perfect time to visit Solang Valley is in June. The climate is lovely consistently yet it is ideal to avoid the rainstorm months.


At an altitude of 3979 m (13,050 ft) above sea level, this is another adventure tourist site where it can be cold even on a summer day. It is the highest point on Manali-Keylongroad and provides a wide panoramic view of mountains rising far above clouds, which is truly breath-taking. Close by is a small lake called Dassaur Lake. Beas Kund, the source of river Beas, is also nearby. In winter, the road of Rothang Pass is closed.

manali to rohtang pass

50 km toward the north of Manali into the Eastern Pir Panjal lies Rohtang Pass, nature's ideal display. It associates two wonderful valleys of Himachal Pradesh – Manali and Lahaul and Spiti. The name Rohtang signifies 'ground of cadavers' and it was relegated to this pass in light of the number of individuals who lost their lives while attempting to cross it previously. However, it is thronged by endless voyagers during the range of a half year when it is available and is available to the general population.

Swashbucklers and biking devotees reach Rohtang go from Manali conquering tricky streets, their risky bends, and some of the time amazingly harsh climate. The compensation for this exertion is being welcomed by snow-topped mountains, taking in the new mountain air, and encountering the rush of a difficult excursion.

manali to leh highway

Rohtang pass Weather

The temperature in the locale during summer is between 20 and 32 degrees, while during winters the mercury drops down to - 2 degrees with the most extreme Rohtang Pass temperature going up to 18 degrees.

Best Time to Visit Rohtang pass


Best time to visit Rohtang pass for Bikers

August, as per solid sources. This is when vacationers can easily take up exercises like mountain biking, skiing, and snow bike riding at the acclaimed Snow Point.

Permits for Rohtang pass

One needs to take a Rohtang Pass license to go up to and past Rohtang. This is an obligatory grant for all the voyagers venturing out to the pass. A charge of INR 500 + INR 50 (blockage expenses) has been forced by National Green Tribunal on each vehicle heading out to Rohtang.


One of the most famous treks from Manali, the Beas Kund trek has its own strict just as blissful centrality. The ecstasy of the mountains, the quietness of the glades, the flawless air, and the sweet quiet of waters surging against the stones, such is the excellence of the Beas Kund trek.

As the name recommends, the trek is to the Beas Kund, the trek to the beginning of the stream Beas. This in itself makes it undeniably more intriguing than some other trek, since you get the opportunity to observe a high ice sheet liquefying ceaselessly into a little stream which at that point appears as a waterway of a monstrosity as that of Beas. However, it isn't the straightforward perspective on the ice sheet and the lake that makes this trek as astonishing as it may be, yet it is the very much trodden way of the trek which takes you through the most marvelous perspectives on the mountains and valleys. Another reality that adds a plume to this trek is the constrained time where it very well may be finished. Superbly appropriate for learners as well, an endeavor on this trek can be finished inside 3 days or at the end of the day a long end of the week.

Little things to know about Trek

  • Difficulty - Moderate

  • Duration - 3-4 days

  • Basecamp - Manali

  • Altitude - 12.500 ft

  • Trekking Distance - 47km

Best Time to Visit Beas Kund

May to Mid November

Carry your Own Food and Water during Trekking

  • It is encouraged to convey your own water for the trek as there is less chance of getting constant water gracefully. Additionally attempt to top off water for sometime later, at whatever point you gain admittance to new clean water on the trek.

  • The nourishment that is for the most part accessible is veggie lover and that too on a couple of campgrounds along the trek. At most eggs may be accessible yet there is almost no likelihood of the equivalent. If not trekking with a gathering, it is proposed that you convey your own nourishment as there are no eating outlets in transit.

Thing To Carry

It is best to carry your own camping tent

  • Good pair to Trekking Shoes

  • Portable Charger

  • Warm clothes, Pair of shocks, Rain Coat

  • Medicines

  • Flashlights with an extra battery

  • Sunscreen, Cold cream, Sunglasses, Hats or Cap

  • Personal Toiletries

  • Water bottle, Energy drink, Dark Chocolate


Rahala Waterfalls is additionally beautiful cascade close Manali, found not many kilometers from Manali. Additionally, on your outing to Rohtang Pass, you can stop in transit and appreciate the astounding Rahala falls. The spot is well known for its plentiful beautiful excellence and peaceful feeling; appealing guests from all pieces of the globe. Encircled by thick deodar timberlands and birch trees, Rahala waterfall will be the best spot to go through certain hours with relatives or friends and solo. You can likewise venerate the lovely and striking snow secured mountains, around the falls.

The fall is encircled by the thick woodland spread. Thick woods of Birch and Deodar trees are normal. The snow-topped Himalayan peaks can be found out of sight.

Best Time to Visit


How to Reach Rahala Waterfall

you can start your trek from Gulaba, from Manali, book a shared or private taxi. From that point, the trek is a lofty move up the Leh-Manali Highway where the waterfall is found.


Arranged while in transit to Rohtang Pass from Manali, this is an ideal outing spot worth visiting conveying a camera to catch nature and feel the lap of earth. Encircled by green valleys, tall deodar trees and forested mountains, the astonishing sight of white water spouting, showering down the substance of huge rocks arrangement between high slopes from extraordinary tallness makes it bewitching and energizing