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Top 5 Best Places to do Paragliding in India - How much does paragliding cost in India

Updated: 3 days ago

There can be no better place than a hill station to do paragliding. Every traveler wants to enjoy paragliding activity once in his life, so here are some of the best places where you can go for paragliding.

There are many sports like paragliding, diving, bungee jumping, etc., which have become quite famous for the last 10-15 years. Before that, we used to see them only in Hollywood movies or Bollywood movies. As the number of travelers increased, so did this adventurous activity. Today a sport like paragliding is very popular. There are many places in India where paragliding activities are done. Mostly this activity is done at the hill stations of India. If you are planning to do paragliding, then definitely read about the places where paragliding is arranged in this blog.

Bir Billing Paragliding, Himachal Pradesh

bir billing paragliding cost

Bir Billing is located in Himachal Pradesh, India, and this place is considered to be the most perfect for paragliding. You will find many paragliding operators here, who help in conducting short, medium, and long flying sessions. Let us tell you that Bir is the take-off point for paragliding and Billing which is the landing site is located at a distance of about 14 km from Bir. Assuming you are partial to doing paragliding, this spot is brimming with experience.

Bir Billing Paragliding Best Time

October to June is the best month for paragliding in Bir Billing

Bir Billing Paragliding Cost

The fee for paragliding here is around Rs 3500-5500

Paragliding in Nainital, Naukuchiatal - Uttarakhand

paragliding in nainital

Nainital of Uttarakhand is no less than a Heaven. Nainital is situated on the foothills of the Himalayas at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level. Paragliding at this place has its own unique experience. You can see this beautiful city like a bird from the sky with the help of paragliding. Here the arrangement of the paragliding program is available in Naukuchiatal.


Best Time for Paragliding in Nainital

You can do paragliding in Nainital at any time except monsoon

Paragliding in Nainital Price

The paragliding fee in Nainital is around Rs 1500-5000.

Paragliding in Panchgani, Maharashtra

panchgani paragliding

This paragliding point in India is perfect for both training and flying. While paragliding here, you will get to see the plains, greenery, and beautiful hills. Apart from this, tandem flights are also arranged here. This hill station is arranged at an elevation of around 1200 meters above ocean level, which is a decent spot for paragliding. There are a few take-offs focus on paragliding in Panchgani, like Tapola, Khingar, and Bhilar. Solo jumps training is also given here.

Best Time to go for Paragliding in Panchgani

The best time to visit Panchgani is from November to February

Paragliding in Panchgani Price

The paragliding fee in Panchgani is around Rs 1500

Paragliding in Shillong, Meghalaya

paragliding in shillong

Shillong, Meghalaya Shillong is arranged at an elevation of 1400 meters, which is quite possibly the most delightful traveler place in India. After seeing the spectacular views here, you must also go to enjoy interesting activities like paragliding. Allow us to advise you, paragliding is gradually however creating in unassuming communities also. Travelers must not only enjoy the mountains and greenery here but also sports like paragliding. Paragliding is done here up to a height of 700 meters. The paragliding expense in Shillong is around Rs.2000.

Best time for Paragliding in Shillong

The best ideal opportunity to go paragliding in Shillong is throughout the mid-year season (Summer Season)

Paragliding in Shillong Price

The paragliding expense in Shillong is around Rs.2000

Paragliding in Gangtok, Sikkim

paragliding in sikkim

The city of Gangtok, located in the northeast of Sikkim, is a popular tourist destination in India. There are many places to see in this city. Along with this, paragliding here attracts many people.

Best time for Paragliding in Gangtok

The best time to visit Gangtok is during the summer season

Paragliding in Gangtok Price

The paragliding fee in Gangtok is around Rs 1800