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Updated: Jun 28

It Is Raining Fashion This Year- Top Fashion Trends To Follow This Monsoon In 2019

monsoon fashion trend
fashion trend

Fashion has indeed been a tricky thing, while some of us can easily manage to look seamlessly fashionable from head to toe. Others, on the other hand, just don’t seem to get the hang of it even after much effort. Well, no need to worry! For all the fashionistas out there the monsoon season can often prove to be a challenging affair. However, in no way does that mean that you should stop looking at your best or leave fashion behind closed closets. Being fashionable or trendy, especially during the monsoon season can prove to be an arduous task. But fret not! We shall discuss a few trends and tips which can make your latest fashion trend right on point.

Scarves That Leave An Impression

Scarves can be used to add detail, color, and a pinch of warmth to the dull monsoon weather. Scarves have always been in fashion and when matched with the right outfit, they can definitely unfold some magic. Printed scarves can be bought online easily at a good bargain and cheap rates do not always translate to poor quality. You just need to be a little picky with the right color. Solid colored scarves, on the other hand, are much-versatile and go incredibly well with neutral shade outfits. So this monsoon, flaunt your scarves and make them your fashion priority.


It’s Time To Boot Up

During the monsoons, boots not only come out as amazing fashion accessories but also as highly functional footwear that can save one from water and dirt. Streets and pavements are all clogged with rainwater and dirt and in such a scenario, the right pair of boots can act as a savior. The right length boots can be easily paired with any dress or outfit and can easily help to create a distinctive style statement. You can go for tan brown or the much-popular black when choosing a pair of boots.


Up Your Fashion Game With An Umbrella

Monsoons always remind us of Rihanna and her ever-popular song “Umbrella”. Umbrellas are like colorful paint strokes on a canvas. They can up the fashion game of any individual and have been in the latest fashion trend this season. Umbrellas come in a variety of colors, fabrics, sizes, and textures. The numerous options available in the market ensures that there is one for every fashion lover out there. Transparent umbrellas are in trend this year and so are polka dot umbrellas. However, be careful in choosing the right color or texture and avoid making any fashion disaster.


Raincoats- Yay or Nay?

Well now that the monsoon season is in full swing, a nice raincoat can accent your fashion ensemble. Raincoats not only protect you from heavy rains but can also help you stand out and make a fashion statement. While shopping for a raincoat, go for the ones which come with a hood as it would prevent the need for an umbrella. High folding collars of raincoats are in trend this year and make you look extremely fashionable. When choosing the color, avoid bright colors and instead you can go for transparent shades.


Drop The Idea Of Denim

During the monsoon, it is good to know what is in fashion but it is more important to know what to avoid wearing. Denim happens to be one of them. They are made of thick fabric and consume a lot of time to dry. In case, you get wet, the wet denim can possibly irritate your skin. You should avoid wearing denim jeans, jackets, shorts, boots, etc. and instead go for fabrics like cotton which is light-weight and takes comparatively a lot less time to dry. We know you love your denim, we all do but this monsoon it’s all about comfort.

Avoid Metal Accessories

We know how much you love your metal earrings, however, monsoon calls it no to any clingy metals. When the rain gods seem to show no mercy and chances are that you will get wet due to rain. Metal accessories like earrings, bracelets, neckpieces, rings, anklets, etc. can highly irritate wet skin and might lead to itching or skin rashes. So no matter how they appear to be in the latest fashion trend, metal accessories must be avoided for a skin-friendly and comfortable day.

Hair & Makeup

Instead of tying your hair up, you must look to keep them open and free. Let them flow in the light drizzle. During the monsoon, short hairs can seem to be comfortable and if you are going for a haircut, don’t be afraid to cut them short. Heavy makeup should be avoided as you are bound to sweat a lot due to a high level of humidity. You must use waterproof makeup and try going for really light makeup.

So monsoons might be challenging but fashion must not stop!

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