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Updated: Jun 11

Normally, the best time to visit Manali is after the withdrawing storm. The climate in Manali in September and the Manali climate in October live on a mellow atmosphere when the temperature wanders around from at least 10 degrees to a limit of 20 degrees.

best season to visit manali

Soon after the storm, the slope station takes off to new foliage, and tears open many appealing trekking goals. Ok! Spring followed by summer, soon after the chilling winter, from March to June offers a wonderful atmosphere when one can spread their wings of sentiment and desire.

The temperature in Manali in March and in April jumps between 7 degrees to 15 degrees through the temperature in Manali in May and June relax between 15 degrees to 25 degrees and immediately one can appreciate a savoring occasion.

best time to visit manali for snow

The temperature during the monsoon settles between 10 degrees to 17 degrees and throughout the winter, that is by end of October till mid-walk,

the temperature moves down underneath the point of solidification and the greatest stay up to 5 degrees to 7 degrees. In spite of the fact that it is during this season when one can entertain themselves into different winter sports, one being skiing and even a couple appreciate a sentimental stroll down the frigid ways. In any case, safety measures ought to be taken if going with youngsters and elderly folks individuals.

Monsoon Season in Manali

Manali encounters a monsoon in the months among July and mid-September. It isn't at all the best time to visit Manali because of overwhelming precipitation avalanches are normal here.

Winter Season in Manali

October to February is the winter season and is viewed as the best time to visit Manali on the off chance that you like the cold and January is ideal to appreciate the crisp delight of new snowfall. The temperature drops down beneath zero degrees Celsius.

Summer Season in Manali

Summer in the area begins in the long stretch of March and endures till June. It is the best time to visit Manali on the off chance that you need to appreciate paragliding, boating, and mountain sports in Solang Valley. Temperature ranges from 10°C to 25°C and the climate stays pleasurable during the day and cold during the night. Snow can be seen distinctly at high elevations.


Dussehra and Hadimba Devi Festival are the two significant celebrations in Manali that are commended with extraordinary grandeur and eagerness. The Dussehra celebration in the long stretch of October/November has a ton of neighborhood hugeness and legend and consequently, the locale gets vivid and energetic during this period.

The Hadimba Devi Festival is additionally one of the eye-getting celebrations in Manali. Individuals from various pieces of the state and nation particularly come during the festival of this celebration and to partake in the enormous brilliant reasonable which is led inside the sanctuary complex. This reasonable is led in the long stretch of May.


The greatest month to visit Manali is during the period of February when Manali is completely canvassed in a day off different winter celebrations are in full sprout for the amusement of the voyagers. Bistros and cafés offer incredible proposals throughout the winter fair and different courageous exercises like skiing and trekking. Be that as it may, the individuals who love to investigate the lavish greenery, the best season to visit Manali is during summers as the climate is very charming. In addition, it is an ideal goal for the long end of the week trip. Likewise, it gives a departure from the singing warmth.

Each season uncovers the Manali climate in another symbol, giving many energizing alternatives to explorers round the year. For the most part, leaving aside the tricky rainstorm season, whenever can be the best time to visit Manali attributable to its all year excellence and appeal.

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