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We're always looking for quality content for our site. If you are interested in submitting a guest post – please email us at

Topics for Guest Posts

  • Travel

  • Fashion

Benefits Of Guest Posting

  1. Introduce your expertise to a new audience

  2. Link back to your website

  3. Collaborate with bloggers

  4. We'll also mention your Instagram handle on our site

Rules for Guest Post

  1. Must be written exclusively and not published anywhere else

  2. You may not use any affiliate links in your posts

  3. Must be at least 800 words.

  4. Guests posts will be edited by yours truly before publishing the post

  5. You may link up to your website in the post

What We'll Do with Your Post?

When you post on BANANAISTIC, your guest post will be published on a high traffic and promoted to all our social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter

If you are still interested, please email us at Looking forward to working together!

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